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Model number: SHT-W44PL

Carrier Tape Forming Machine with 56mm tape width and 700 meters output per hour

Production speed:  60shots/minute

Production row   :  Single row , Multi row up to 4 lane

                          12mm×4row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×4lines = 691meters/hour

                          16mm×3row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×3lines = 518meters/hour

                          24mm×2row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×2lines = 345meters/hour

                          32mm×1row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×1lines = 172meters/hour

                          44mm×1row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×1lines = 172meters/hour                              

                          56mm×1row: 48mm×60shots×60minutes×1lines = 172meters/hour

Width of Type    :   56mm / maximum

Pocket Depth    :   12mm / maximum

Control System  :   PLC programmable control & touch panel

Base Material   :   PS, PVC, PC, and PET with conductive & non-conductive

                         Un-winder Section: Geared brake motor 60W, AC 220V, three phase, 60Hz

                         Inside diameter¢76mm (3inch bobbin)

                         Outside diameter¢680mm

Heating Section :  Two-steps heating: pre heating, forming heating

                         Cartridge heater 200W*4ea, AC 220V, singlephase

Forming Section :  Air pressure system (Female type mold)

Punching Section: Press punching system

CAM Drive Unit   : Feed CAM 48mm (standard),

                         Feed CAM 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 56mm (option)

                         Mold CAM, Die CAM, geared motor 0.75kw, Inverter control,

                         AC 220V, threephase, 60Hz

Cooling System :   Water circulation, water pump motor230W, AC 220V, 60Hz,          

                         Single phase, water tank 15liters

                         Refrigerator to be integrated inside

Cutting Unit       :  Air cylinder cutting

Winding section:   Inside diameter ¢13 & ¢76mm

                         Outside diameterup to ¢560mm (gear motor 60W)

Installation Area :  160cm*160*80cm (L*H*W), Machine weight 500kg

                         Air supply 5~7bar, Power supply AC 220V, three phase, 60Hz

Option              :  Piercing punching, Traverse winding machine, Vision system




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