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Model number: SHT-S56-96

Production speed: Up to 350 meters hourly

Tape width: Up to 56mm

Pocket depth: Up to 18mm

Production row: Single row(12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm)

Control system: PLC programmablel control & touch panel

Un-winding section: Grared brake motor 40W, AC 220V, single phase, 60/50Hz

                            Inside diameter ¢76mm(3inch bobbin)

                                   Outside diameter ¢560mm

Heating section: One step heating(forming heating)

                           Cartride heater 300Wx2ea, AC 220V, single phase

Punching section : Press punching system

Winding section: Inside diameter ¢13 & ¢76mm

                          Outside diameter up to ¢560mm(Gear motor 40W)

Dimensions 1400mm(L)x 1200mm(H) x 800mm(W)

Weight : 150kg

Power requirement : Power supply AC 220V, three phase, 60/50Hz, air supply 5~7bar

Equipment for winding carrier tape produced from Forming Machine by coupling. 



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